Benjamin Mora Orta

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Benjamin Mora Orta
Benjamin Mora Orta
Name Benjamin Mora Orta
Real name Benjamin Mora Orta
Family Benjamin Mora (son), Alcatraz (son)
Birth date
Obituary date July 17, 1973


Benjamin Mora Orta was a Puebla based promoter and a friend of Francisco Flores since the 30s. They united as Promociones Mora SA, the group that best known for its UWA championships. Mora passed away in 1973, early in the promotion's existence, and Flores kept the promotion named as Promociones Mora SA in his memory. His son, Benjamin Mora, would continue to promote shows in Tijuana.

Box y Lucha 1469, seven years after his passing, mentions Mora Orta was a big boxing fan, often using the profits from his lucha libre shows to support his boxing events.