Bella Génesis

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Bella Génesis
Bella Génesis
Name Bella Génesis
Real name
Name history Bella Génesis
Maestro(s) Eddy Cruz, Rey Leopardo
Birth date, location Cuernavaca, Morelos
Obituary date
Debut, location March 31, 2018 - Casa PLLP
Lost mask to
Height 170 cm
Weight 63 kg
Signature moves La Rosa Driver, Gorilla Press Slam


Morelos based enmascarada técnica. Wrestles at PLLP (Promotora de Lucha Libre Profesional). Met all the lucha libre schools of Cuernavaca and surrounding areas. The first time she attended a wrestling training was with the maestro Eddy Cruz who was the first to teach her the basics, he was a key person in her career because thanks to him she was able to learn how to put heart and spirit into her to endure, resist and persist in wrestling. Another maestro who was part of her preparation is Rey Leopardo, from whom she had great teachings. She describes Rey Leopardo as a trainer worthy of admiration whose years of experience vouch for him. Rey Leopardo made her understand the lucha libre with the heart.

Debuted on the fourth anniversary event of PLLP. Her mask symbolizes the origin of the world or the beginning of something new. She has had the opportunity to wrestle with renowned luchadoras for which she feels very grateful, lucky and proud that the promoters have thought of her for those opportunities. She is still preparing as if it was the first day,

Her mask symbolizes the origin of the world or the beginning of something new. About the name of Bella Genesis, in her mask can be seen that it only has frets on one side that represent the light of the beginning of time and the dark side represents the nothing when there was not even a glimmer of light. Genesis is the beginning of everything, so she was inspired to represent it in her mask.

On May 23, 2021, Bella Genesis had a very important match in her career. She, along with Lady Egipcia, faced Jarochita and Lluvia in a title match for the Mexican National Women's Tag Team Championship at the Arena Cri-Cri in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Valkhyria originally scheduled, however she was unable to compete due to an injury and Bella Genesis took over. After an exciting bout, the Indomables defeated the home side and made their first defense.