Arturo Rivera

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Arturo Rivera García
Arturo Rivera García
Name Arturo Rivera García
Real name Arturo Rivera
Nickname Rivera, Riverita, Cuasimodo Rivera, Rudisimo Rivera, Moroco Topo (Morocco Mole,Hanna-Barbera character)
Birth date August 9, 1954 - Distrito Federal
Obituary date February 9, 2022 (aged 67)

Interviewing La Parka AAA


He is one of the most popular announcers in the Mexican wrestling, together his partners Dr. Alfonso Morales and Leobardo Magadan

Rivera has been always fan of rudo wrestlers and the Atlante (a Mexican footbal soccer team), he always shout "Los rudos! Los rudos! Los rudos! y el Atlante!" when a rudo wins.

Televisa announcer, left AAA when AAA's deal with Televisa ended.


Moroco Topo/Morocco Mole(Hanna-Barbera)
w/ Lupita Jones, Infierno en el Ring 2007