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besides a tournament, a number of luchadors are also named Alas de Oro

Annual Tournament Info

Alas de Oro (Wings of Gold) is AAA's annual best of the high fliers match. It's their version of CMLL's longer running Reyes de Aires match.

In the two years Alas de Oros has been held, it'd been a nine man elimination match. There are no tags or sides as in a cibernetico, just wrestlers coming in and out of the ring at will (though usually there's just two in and everyone else waiting for their turn.) Wrestlers can be eliminated by pinfall and submission.

The particapants are usually midcard level wrestlers with the idea of just putting on an exciting match. In 2007, AAA included almost exclusively tecnicos, but AAA mixed in more rudos the following year.

The Alas de Oro trophy is not defended thru the year, though rematches have been held after controversial finishes.

Past Champions

Year Winner
2007 Extreme Tiger
2008 Aerostar
2009 ?
2015 Drago

Tournament History


The first Alas de Oro was held on July 27, 2007. Order of elimination:

  1. Escoria (by Aerostar
  2. Hombre sin Miedo (by Extreme Tiger)
  3. Laredo Kid (by Extreme Tiger)
  4. Pegasso (by Super Fly)
  5. Rey Cometa (by Aerostar)
  6. Aerostar (by Super Fly)
  7. Super Fly (by Extreme Tiger)

Extreme Tiger won in a time of 14:29. Laredo Kid, Pegasso, Rey Cometa, Aerostar and Super Fly were all teammates as part of Real Fuerza Aérea AAA at the time, but fought against each other in this match. Escoria was the lone rudo included.


This year's tournament took place August 8, also in Centro de Convenciones, Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas.

  1. Gato Eveready (by Teddy Hart)
  2. el Angel (by Teddy Hart)
  3. Teddy Hart (by Ultimo Gladiador)
  4. Ultimo Gladiador (by Extreme Tiger)
  5. Scoria (by Super Fly)
  6. Super Fly (by Jack Evans)
  7. Joe Lider (by Extreme Tiger)
  8. Extreme Tiger (by Jack Evans)
  9. Jack Evans (by Aerostar)

Aerostar won in a time of 10:09. It was clear Jack Evans kicked out of the final pinfall, so the two had a rematch a few weeks later, which Aerostar won.


The 2009 Alas de Oro took place as a series of empty arena matches on a Televisa Deportes show. This tournament was not mentioned on AAA's usual TV and is very obscure.


The competition was brought back on June 14, in Arena Monterrey, as part of the Verano de Escandalo, 2015. This competition was a ten man match where the first pinfall would get the victory.

Drago defeated Aerostar to win the match. Other participants were Fenix, Laredo Kid, Daga, Steve Pain, Aerostar, Bengala, Súper Nova, Súper Fly, and Hijo del Fantasma. Laredo Kid and Steve Pain returned to AAA in the match. Fenix suffered a collarbone injury.


Alas de Oro trophy
Drago 2015 Alas de Oro winner.