ALLL World Heavyweight Tournament, 1976

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Tournament held in Guatemala in 1976 by José Azzari. The focus of the competition was crown the inaugural ALLL World Heavyweight Championship through a world tournament. The ALLL World Heavyweight Championship was introduced to replace old version of Champion Du Monde, lastly held by José Azzari.

First Round Matchups were published through local newspapers in Guatemala; not full results are available. Results were taken from a Guatemalan website that covered the tournament. Start of tournament took place on January 28, and continue until the final on February 1, 1976. All matches took place at Gimnasio Nacional Teodoro Palacios Flores, Guatemala City.


Published rules of competition are listed next:

  • Round robin style tournament.
  • All matches were one fall, with no time limit.
  • Every match loss is equal at four negative points.
  • Wrestler who picked up eight negative points is eliminated from the tournament.
  • Every victory gives cero points.

It appears that top four were placed into semifinals.


First Round Matchups

Semifinal Matches