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Promociones ACASA, is a promotion based in Ciudad Juarez. They're an independent promotion with their own television show (Idolos del Ring on Canal 44) in the 80's, 90's and 2003. ACASA was started in 1986 and was founded by Arnoldo Cabada de la O.

Ari Romero, Konnan, Eddie Guerrero, Flama Roja, Rocky Star and Cinta de Oro were some of the stars of the promotion.

ACASA was successful in creating new stars and delivering big lucha de apuestas matches during their peak. Some of those big matches were Flama Roja vs Villano III (mask versus mask), Cinta de Oro vs Ultraman (mask versus mask), and the 1987 Rocky Star vs Cinta de oro (mask versus mask match) which set an all-time Gimnasio Municipal attendance record of 12,000 fans.

ACASA was allied with EMLL and UWA promotions when they first started running the Gimnasio Municipal in Ciudad Juarez. It started using both UWA and EMLL allied luchadors for it's top matches in the 80s, the original referees of the group were Julio Quiroga and Tony Barbetta. ACASA later had relationships with other promotions like AAA, CMLL and brought in indy wrestlers.

Some talent wrestlers (like Ari Romero, Eddie Guerrero, Konnan, El Cobarde II) left ACASA for CMLL, AAA, looking for better money and opportunity, ACASA faded away in the early 90s.

ACASA made a return in 2003 using top stars of AAA and CMLL combined with local wrestlers. They closed again in 2004 as a full time, but returned to promote the Hijo del Santo taking El Hijo del Cobarde's match. The promotion returned again for a couple shows in 2014 before closing again.

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Promociones ACASA Championships

ACASA Championships

Titles that were disputed in ACASA promotions.

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