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This article is about the Chilean wrestler. To Mexican wrestler, see Tiffany.


Name Zatara
Real name
Nicknames "La Cabrona"
Name history Tifanny (debut - 2018), Zatara (2018 -)
Maestro(s) Atemista, Montoya
Birth date, location December 19, 1991 - Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile
Obituary date
Debut, location February 28, 2008 w/Krozty vs Kristy & Perro Ramces (RLL)
Lost mask to
Height 160 cm/5'3"
Weight 55 kg/121 lb
Signature moves Cabronazo, Fisherman's Suplex, Running Corner Double Knee Smash, Busaiku Knee Kick, Facebuster, Súper Plancha, Superkick, Package Piledriver, La Cruceta, Fuego Verde
Titles: Clandestino Lightweight Tournament 2017, MAX Hardcore Championship, MAX Tag Team Championship (w/Fear), Queen Of Xtreme Championship [2], RLL Multi Championship, RLL Regional Championship, RLL Tag Team Championship (w/Prima Zomer), RLL Women's Championship [2], Impacto Maximo Championship, LLC Absoluto Championship, Xtreme Club Tag Team Championship (w/Fear)


On February 28, 2008, a young masked wrestler named Tifanny made her debut at an event for the Chilean promotion RLL. She went in a tag match with Krozty to face Kristy and Perro Ramces. That contest was just the beginning of her brilliant career. Currently, Zatara is one of the greatest exponents of Chilean women wrestling.

She entered the RLL wrestling school in 2007 where she was trained by Atemista and Montoya. Tifanny is part of the first wave of Chilean women wrestlers along with Kittie, Pandora, Alison, Azumi, Cimarrera, Meyko, Sara Phoenix among others.

She is without a doubt a big draw in her home country. When she makes her entrance with the Fok Julle Naaiers song from Die Antwoord she looks like she owns the place and the fans chant her name in unison.

Among her achievements she won the Clandestino Lightweight Tournament, on August 25, 2017, defeating Pedro Pablo Subercaseaux. The championships in Zatara's record are: Impacto Máximo championship, Hardcore MAX championship, Absolute LLC championship, MAX Tag Team championship (with Fear), two-time Queen of Xtreme, two-time RLL women's champion, RLL Tag Team champion (with Prima Zomer), the Regional RLL Championship and the Multi RLL Championship.

She has the distinction of having been the first Grand Slam wrestling champion in RLL winning all the titles of the company (Absolute / Multi, Regional, tag team, and women's) on at least one occasion.

She has been part of different tag teams and stables such as La Mala Influencia with Fear, Cody, Billy Rocka and El Gallo, along with Prima Zomer they were the Poder Femenino and the Kbrones with Funky Schop, Montoya, El Verdugo and Tonny.

She has also performed in Peru and in 2018 traveled to Mexico and performed at the Dragonmania XIII event at the Arena México. In that year, she decided to change her nom de guerre to Zatara to avoid confusions with Tiffany (Xóchitl Leyva Sánchez). In that same year, she also participated in the WWE Mae Young Classic 2018 tournament representing Chile.

Among her contributions to wrestling in her country is training new generations of wrestlers. She has a very strong style, with great technique and ability in the high flying style. She also uses the "Green Fire" with which she can blind her rival at any time during the match. But above all she has a devastating finisher of her creation that she calls "El Cabronazo", a tremendous running knee smash that is given to the back of the head with which she has knocked out her rivals.

Her discipline, perseverance and determination led her to being the first female major champion and the first to compete in a big promotion. Her qualities as a wrestler can lead her to reach international success. Zatara has marked a before and after in Chilean wrestling.


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