Walter Tataque Quisbert

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Walter Tataque Quisbert
Walter Tataque Quisbert
Name Walter Tataque Quisbert
Real name Walter Quisbert Limachi
Nicknames Lotario, Tataque, El Gigante de America, El Gigante Boliviano
Name history Andresito El Gigante, Andrés El Gigante
Maestro(s) El Leopardo, Mr. Atlas
Birth date, location September 17, 1959 (Box Y Lucha has April 12, 1950 [1][2]) - La Paz Bolivia
Obituary date June 10, 2019
Debut, location 1980
Lost mask to
Height 230 cm/7'7" (billed) Most sources say 225 cm/7'4"
Weight 200 kg/440 lbs
Signature moves Estilo
Titles: Panamá World Championship?, South America Heavyweight Championship


Gigantic Bolivian wrestling legend. He could be seen as a Bolivian Andre The Giant; he wrestled as Andresito El Gigante. At the 15 he was 170 cm (5'7"), when he turned 17 he reached a height of 195 cm (6' 5") and at the age of 23 he reached 225 cm (7'4") according with most sources. On the other hand, in some propaganda he was billed even taller with a height of 235 cm (7'8"). He had a vast background sports in boxing. He was nicknamed Tataque after the Kaliman's character.

Wrestled in both sides rudo and técnico. He was trained by the Mexican wreslter El Leopardo. He was wrestling promoter in Bolivia and supported the Cholitas Luchadoras.

He had a longtime feud with La Momia which lead to a lucha de apuestas in which he lost. He won the masks of Aladino and Chacal. He created his own hold named Estilo. On 1990 he won a world championship in Panama.

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1989/11/12 Hair Sandokán Gigante Tataque Gimnasio Neco De La Guardia - Panama City, Panama
??/??/?? hair La Momia Walter Tataque Quisbert[1] unknown
??/??/?? mask Andresito El Gigante El Chacal unknown
??/??/?? mask Andresito El Gigante Aladino unknown