Venum II

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Venum II
Venum II
Name Venum II
Real name
Name history Venum II (1997 - current)
Family Princesa Sugey (ex-wife)
Maestro(s) Panthro
Birth date, location
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Signature moves


Was brought into AAA to immediatly replace the original Venum who had left for Promo Azteca in September 1997. Was a regular roster wrestler till early 1999 when the gimmick was dropped from television and has since just worked in his hometown of Monterrey. He took also part to TripleMania VI's opener winning alongside R-15 the relevos incriebles tag match against Charly Manson and Oscar Sevilla, that let himself voluntarily pin by Venum II in order to cause Manson's defeat.


in AAA