Valkiria (Chile)

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Name Valkiria
Real name
Nicknames "La Ejecurora de la Verdad", "La Personification del Poder Femenino"
Name history Valkiria
Maestro(s) Coyote, Montoya, Sebastián Joestar
Birth date, location July 7, 1993 - Ciudad de Rengo, VI Región, Chile
Obituary date
Debut, location April 3, 2016 - Club Chocolate, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Lost mask to
Height 172 cm
Weight ?
Signature moves Powerbomb, Spinebuster, Lariat
Titles: FNL Tag Team Championship (w/Coyote), MAX Hardcore Championship, RLL Tag Team Championship (w/Coyote), RLL Women's Championship


Valkiria is a Chilean luchadora ruda. Wrestled in Revolución Lucha Libre, Max Lucha Libre y Ngen and occasionally in CNL, Impacto Lucha Libre, and 5 Luchas-Clandestino.

Her ring name was suggestion of her colleagues. She liked it because it is a powerful and imposing name, which reflects what she wanted to project as a wrestler. In addition she also liked becuase of the well-known mythological story that represents.

Her wrestling style is powerhouse.