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I am Jose, maybe better known as the webmaster of La Arena.

My all time favourites include Blue Panther, Dr. Wagner Jr., Mil Máscaras, Black Man, Dos Caras, Super Astro, El Dandy and Love Machine. Currently I really like L.A. Park and Último Guerrero.

Other than lucha libre, I like world cinema, traveling and photography.

I'd like to thank everybody who is helping make this project possible, especially cubsfan and Rob Bihari. Other thanks go to:

  • USA: Michael Bochicchio, Kurt "Vandal" Brown, "Dr. Lucha" Steve Sims, Fredo Esparza, Mark Hewitt, Don Luce, Libnan Ayoub, J. Michael Kenyon, Steve Yohe
  • Mexico: Lilita, Dr. Driver, el Rey del Rock Miguel Mateos, John "Pegassuskid", MartWagner, Alberto Ledesma, El-Solitario (Roberto), Canek-Tapatío (Alex), Fernando Torres, Christian Cymet
  • Spain: Yuka and Michiko Kuroda (The Kuchibiru Network~)
  • Japan: Sumika and Yoshiko, REI, Ken "Saku" Sakuraba, Takeshi Miyamoto, Sadaaki & Tadahiko, Dr. Mick, K. Sakai.
  • Canada: Colin "Stock" MacKinnon