Toro Bill

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Toro Bill
Toro Bill
Name Toro Bill
Real name José Roberto Rosete
Name history
Family Toro Bill Jr. (son)
Maestro(s) Manuel Robles
Birth date, location 1963 - Puebla
Obituary date March 5, 2023
Debut, location 1986
Lost mask to
Signature moves
Titles: Puebla Welterweight Championship

Long time Arena Puebla regular, from 1987 to 2010. Trained 3 or 4 years before debuting, starting in the Manuel Robles class the same day as Bobby Jack. Originally came up with the name Buffalo Bill, drawn from his other career as a butcher, but Robles suggested he change it to Toro Bill. Started as a tecnico, swtiched to a rudo after a year. His first big feud was against fellow rudo Olimpo, leading to a mask vs hair match at the Arena Puebla 35th Anniversary Show. However, Olimpo did not show, and Toro Bill faced local legend El Califa in a mask match instead, which cost Toro Bill his mask.

Toro responded badly to the loss, stopping working out for a month, until Robles convinced him to continue. Toro rebounded with apuesta wins. He defeated El Califa for the Puebla Welterweight Championship and Tarahumara to win the Puebla Middleweight Championship, becoming double champion. He held on to both for about a year, before losing the welterweight to Bobby Jack and the middleweight championship to Tigre Rojo.

Toro Bill also made appearance in Arena Coliseo and Arena Naucalpan. He's not appeared in home Arena Puebla since 2010, saying he needs the time to spend on his other career and his family, but does wrestle independently and trains aspiring luchadors. His son Toro Bill Jr. carried on the name.


Lucha de Apuestas

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
88/07/?? hair El Califa Toro Bill Arena Puebla
??/??/?? hair Tigre Rojo Toro Bill ?
??/??/?? ? Misterio Blanco Toro Bill Arena Puebla
??/??/?? ? Sangre Gitana Toro Bill Arena Puebla
92/07/18 hair El Jabato Toro Bill Arena Puebla
98/08/24 hair Mascarita Mágica Toro Bill Arena Puebla
07/05/07 hair Leono Toro Bill Arena Puebla
14/11/16 hair Tigre Rojo Toro Bill Arena Coliseo San Ramón - Puebla, Puebla