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[[Category:Groups|Head Hunters]]
[[Category:Groups|Head Hunters]]
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The Head Hunters/Los Head Hunters
The Head Hunters/Los Head Hunters
Name The Head Hunters/Los Head Hunters
Real name Victor Santiago (A)/Manuel Santiago (B)
Nicknames Los Cazadores de Cabezas (The Head Hunters), Los Bebés de Chocolate (Chocolate Babies)
Name history Rhino Powers (debut - ), The Head Hunters A & B/I & II/Malheim and Malfait (?? - ), The Arabian Butchers (WWF), The Squat Team (WWF)
Family none
Maestro(s) Johnny Rodz
Birth date, location August 11, 1968 - New York, New York, USA (not PR or Dominica)
Obituary date
Debut, location 1987 - Puerto Rico
Lost mask to
Height 5'11"/180 cms
Weight 326 lbs/148 kg (A)/352 lbs/160 kg (B)
Signature moves Moonsault Press, Flying Legdrop, Splash, Flying Body Press, Power Bomb
Titles: W*ING World Tag Team Titles (2), IWA World Tag Team Titles (2), CMLL World Tag Team Titles, FMW World Brass Knuckles Tag Team Titles, FMW World Street Fight Six-Man Tag Team Titles (2, w/ Super Leather, w/ Hisakatsu Oya)