The Casas Family

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The Casas family is a famous lucha libre family spanning three generations.


Pepe Casas, a former wrestler, trainer and referee, is the father of the dynasty.

Negro Casas was the first son to debut, followed by Felino and Heavy Metal. Negro went on to become a long-time main eventer for CMLL. Felino became a solid midcard to upper-midcard performer for CMLL. Heavy Metal went on to become a midcarder and sometimes main eventer for both AAA and CMLL.

In the 2000's, the third generation of the family began to appear in wrestling with Puma King and Tiger becoming midcard CMLL wrestlers and are so far the most successful of the third generation of the Casas family. Canelo Casas is sometimes seen on lower card of smaller CMLL shows.

This family is now connected to the Brazo Family, due to Negro Casas' non-wrestler daughter, Zoraida Casas, being married to Psycho Clown.

There are said to be more members of the family in wrestling.

Family Tree

1st Generation Pepe Casas
2nd Generation Felino Unknown or non-wrestler family member Heavy Metal Negro Casas Black Star
3rd Generation Puma King Felino Jr. Canelo Casas Destroyer Danny Casas Nanyzh Rock Bengala Rocky Casas


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