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Decnis guapo vip.jpg

Decnnis has been part of AAA since the start of his major league career, with the exception of a single week. He's spent most of that time as a early match tecnico, though he's spent more time in recent years as a rudo. Either way, he's been pretty boy character.

Decnnis started in early 2001 as a member of then debuting Barrio Boys (with Alan & Billy Boy), a young skateboarding trio. The Barrio Boys feuded with the Black Family, basically their rudo equivalent in terms of experience. The feud spilled over into a battle over the Mexican National Atomicos Championship, with the Barrios teaming with Oscar Sevilla to win the titles twice. None of the members of the group were individually spotlighted much during this time.

Decnnis was also one of six AAA wrestlers to go on the VANS Warped Tour in 2007, wrestling lucha libre matches as a side show to the concerts.

That started to change in 2006, as Billy Boy engaged in a long run feud with Gran Apache over Fabi Apache. When Billy Boy become depressed over his complete losses in the feud and refused to fight in matches, both Alan and Decnnis turned on him and allied with Gran Apache. This was the first time Decnnis had been on the rudo side.

Decnnis got a new look as part of a joining the Guapos VIP in mid 2007, replacing Alan Stone as part of the Guapos vs Bello Stones feud. Teaming with Zumbido & Scorpio Jr. gave Decnnis a fresh start, since the non-Billy members of the Guapos had been left behind before their break up. It wasn't a much different character for Decnnis, just now playing a blond rudo version of a pretty boy, but it was different enough to make Decnnis individually important in a long time.