Teddy Baños

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Teddy Baños
Teddy Baños
Name Teddy Baños
Real name Jose Baños
Name history El Centinela, Teddy el Recio, Teddy Baños (usually listed as Teddy/Tedy as referee), various other short lived names
Birth date, location November 13, 1955
Obituary date
Debut, location May 2, 1971
Lost mask to El Galant - November 2, 1980 - San Luis Potosi
Height 165 cm/5' 5"
Weight 75 kg/165 lb
Signature moves


Luchador of the 70s and 80s. Wanted a single word as his name, and came up with El Centinela after the location. Changed to the Teddy el Recio name after being unmasked. The idea had been for a tag team of movie character teamed wrestlers. Teddy was named after the street fighter lead from Un uomo dalla pelle dura with partner Rams II as El Padrino from the Godfather. El Padrino had family issues and could not continue the tag team. Promoters weren't interested in the movie character as a singles, but the name Teddy stuck and he continued to use it for the rest of his career. Teddy kept a log of every match he wrestled in his career, though some notebooks were lost at his parents house. He estimated he wrestled around 2000 matches

Quit wrestling in 1993, when he felt he any serious injury would take a long time to heal from his age and would impeded his ability to provide for his family. Teddy stepped away from the wrestling business, but continued to amass a collection of lineups and results to put together a more accurate history of lucha libre. In 1999, seeking support from the lucha libre commission to continue his project, Teddy attended a 1998 Arena Xochimilco show to meet with Ray Mendoza but was asked to wrestle on the show with other luchadors missed the show. Teddy had not been spending time in the gym and declined, but the promoter suggested having one of their referees wrestle instead (that ref had been doing both) and having Teddy referee. Teddy agreed, did a fine job, and was immediately made regular referee for the Ricardo Reyes Xochimitl based promotion. Teddy's been a regular presence as referee in Mexico City and Mexico State since, including working television matches for IWRG and the Perros del Mal promotion.

Teddy also has continued his lucha libre information project, finding and correcting mistakes which have been repeated many times. His two goals are to completely cover a decade of lucha libre, and to referee internationally.

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1980.11.02 mask El Centinela El Galant San Luis Potosi