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We should probably refrain from posting rumors like that unless there are actual facts to back it up. Otherwise people would be editing the profiles of tons of famous wrestlers who have had the same rumors spread about them. Last thing we need is people editing the profiles of Astro Boy/Volador/Sombra saying they all wrestle as Mistico sometimes or Parka (AAA)'s profile being edited to say he isn't the only one who does the gimmick or Tinieblas' profile being edited to say it's Dr. Alfonso Morales under the mask.--Robert 07:36, 18 July 2008 (EDT)

In Coahuila wrestling magazine,i think 2 or 3 weeks ago , one of the Grandsons was interview and they told the story. Still sorry but there are many big profile wrestlers in here with RUMORS on them.

Yeah but show me examples and I can (hopefully) explain why they're up. I jus think getting started with something like this will lead to every single Box y Lucha member who has figured out how to edit coming over here and saying there are 15 Mistico's right now.--Robert 18:49, 18 July 2008 (EDT)