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This is as weird a place to note this as any, but I should explain Black Terry Jr. kindly gave permission to use his photos on this wiki. His flickr page has tons of great photos, some of which would make for fantastic profile pictures for the less visible IWRG wrestlers.

Slightly related: I have a program that lets me know when guys haven't wrestled on a AAA/CMLL/IWRG/Perros show in 90 days, which is what I've been using to change guys from current to former. What I'm missing is a remainder of which guys are new/returning to a promotion to make the switch the other way. It's on the to do list; we may end up with more pages which are only "debuted in IWRG, wrestled two matches, vanished", but it'll help for the few that turn out more than that. --thecubsfan 03:02, 29 June 2010 (UTC)