Stevie Richards

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Stevie Richards
Stevie Richards
Name Stevie Richards
Real name Michael Manna
Nicknames Dancing, Stevie Night Heat
Name history Stevie Richards (debut - current), Lord Stevie Regal, Baron Von Stevie, Stevie The Body, Stevie Flamingo, Stevie Polo, Stevie Stanley, Big Stevie Cool (1996-7, 2005), Dude Love, Stevie Blackman, Stevie Venis, Steven Richards (2000 - 20065), Dr. Stevie (TNA 2009 - 2010)
Maestro(s) Glen Osbourne, Jimmy Jannetty, Mike Sharpe
Birth date, location October 9, 1971, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Obituary date
Debut, location February 25, 1992
Lost mask to
Height 6'1"
Weight 215 lbs
Signature moves Stevie Kick, Stevie-T, Stevie Bomb, General Anesthesia, Koji Clutch
Titles: ECW World Tag Team Titles (2 times) with Raven, WWF/E Hardcore Title (21 times)


Debuted for Lucha Libre USA as a color commentator but he became a member of The Right after helping RJ Brewer with the Lucha Libre USA Heavyweight Title from Lizmark Jr.