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  • ...eir first lucha libre event on [[February 1]], [[2014]]. Esto Es Lucha-Pro Wrestling features their events with wrestlers from [[CMLL]] and the Independent circ ...ogram Tercera Caida has coverages from the shows held by Esto Es Lucha-Pro Wrestling. Promoted the [[Copa Tony Sugar|1st Copa Tony Sugar]] from [[February 15]]
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  • ...05, 7th Annual [[Leyenda de Plata]] Tournament, Fukumen World League II, [[Lucha Libre Azteca Title]], [[UWE World Tag Team Championship]] (w/[[Ultimo Guerr == Overview of Candidacy For The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame ==
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  • ''In 2008, [[Black Abyss]] started wrestling on non-TV shows using this name; Also, this is not the Monterrey Area Hardc ...o a las carteleras estelares en las empresas mas conocidas y lucrativas de lucha libre en mexico. Especialmente [[AAA]], normalmente como rudo en sus luchas
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  • ...Ajusco. He held a longtime rilvalry with [[Vulcano]] which led to an epic lucha de apuestas in which Aguila Solitaria won his first mask. ...e them. On the following day all wrestling magazines published that the ''Lucha de Botana'' was the best of the night.
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  • ...t and most important non-masked legend ever in the history of professional wrestling in Mexico. Actually, he was masked during a short run in his early career, His first real contact with lucha libre was almost by coincidence. He once overslept, and arrived late to the
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  • ...t Championship]] (3), [[AAA Lucha Libre Premier Championship#2009|2009 AAA Lucha Libre Premier Championship]], [[AAA Latin American Title]], [[IWL Internati ...gner Jr. Wagner has shown himself capable of wrestling Japanese junior and lucha technical styles.
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  • ...nistración (AAA), World Championship Wrestling (WCW) y Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). De los tres Villanos que sobreviven, Villano IV es el único Villano IV debutó en la lucha libre a los 15 años con el personaje de Leopardo Negro II, haciendo pareja
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  • ...el Brazo de Oro catalogadas como luchas del año tanto por las revistas “Lucha Libre” y “El Halcon” respectivamente. ...Luego tuvieron en una revancha en Noviembre de ese año en El Toreo, una lucha mas larga que fue a dos de tres caídas donde Tiger Mask se llevaría la vi
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  •" part from his wife's name as he thought that it had a better sound for wrestling) was 49 years old, which is younger that one may expect, as Arturo himself ...Delia Valero (who is the daughter of [[Héctor Valero Meré]], a legendary lucha magazine writer/owner of the past), his two daughters Alma Delia and Blanca
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  • ...nickname "El Rey del Tenedor" for a long time, was probably best known for wrestling in Ciudad Juarez where he reached legendary status (he was the top rudo for Most fans in the United States are probably more familiar with him wrestling in California appearing early in his career at the L.A. Olympic Auditorium
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  • ...onterrey. One of his earliest memories as child was that he used to watch wrestling shows on TV in a grocery store of his neighborhood each tuesday. He paid 2 '''Pedro Moguel''' was an olympic wrestler and he trained greco-roman wrestling with him for a couple of times. He was even rejected for his short height
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  • ...original [[Tiger Mask]] whom he lost his mask to... except this time while wrestling as The Masked Hurricane. Word of this eventually found it's way back to Mex ...estler, he practiced swimming, gymnastics, Judo and Karate, that's why its wrestling style was effective and spectacular
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  • ...m Titles]] (w/ [[The Great Muta]]), Royal Oak: [[JCW (Juggalo Championshit Wrestling) Heavyweight Title]], [[IWA Hardcore Title]] (4), [[NWA World Light Heavywe starting a new [[Guadalajara]] based promotion called Revolucion Xtreme Lucha Libre (RXLL). The promotion's style was similar to that of US based promoti
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  • He made a retirement tour in 2014 where he had his last lucha de apuestas, a victory against Satánico on May 18. ...El Dandy began his [[El Dandy Retirement Tour|retirement tour]] of active wrestling career around several arenas in [[Mexico]]. In all matches, El Dandy faced
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  • ...referee after his lucha libre career ended, but didn't stick. Returned to wrestling occasionally on indie shows, and tragically passed away from a heart attack
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  • ...Mexico called "Lucha Libre", run by Valente Pérez (though it was renamed "Lucha Libre Mundial" when Benjamín Mora Jr. took over, and not coincidentially, very tall for a Mexican. Shadow and Dixon convinced him to get into pro wrestling and he went under training with EMLL's maestros Rafael Salamanca and Dick M
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  • ...legend, and his father is a reconigzable wrestler from the golden years of lucha libre. He made his first trip to Japan on [[April]] of [[1981]] as a lucha opponent for [[Tiger Mask]] (Satoru Sayama). It was then when he changed hi
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  • He was an amateur boxer, but was so impressed by the "new" sport of lucha libre that switched jobs, making his pro debut on April 12, 1934 as Carlos ...e first matches at the [[Arena Nacional]], the main building in Mexico for wrestling at the time, that held 3,500.
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  • ...]. Tarzan joined the power company and was quickly put in stellar matches, wrestling with or agianst [[Emilio Charles Jr.]], [[El Hijo del Santo]], [[Negro Casa ...r este personaje. En este tiempo en Monterrey rapa a hombres de peso en la Lucha Libre como Pirata Morgan, Pimpinela Escarlata y Andy Barrow por mencionar a
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  • ...a]] to purse those dreams but he eventually gave up and abandoned them for lucha libre. Before becoming a luchador, he worked as a shoemaker, and he practic Demon taught him how to train properly and perfected his Amateur wrestling technique as well.
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  • ...yweight Championship, [[X-LAW Junior Heavyweight Title]] (2), CWF (Caution Wrestling Federation) Continental Title, [[XNL World Title]], [[GLC Extreme Title]], ...Crazy is a world-renowned talent who is best known to be employed by World Wrestling Entertainment.
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