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  • ...Express ([[Copa Express#2014|2014]]), [[WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship]], [[CMLL Universal Tournament|2015 CMLL Universal Tournament]], [[Fantasti Satanico and that's only counting [[EMLL]] natives. If we add [[UWA]] and the indy
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  • ...Tag Team Championship]] (w/[[Villano I]]), [[Northern Mexico Middleweight Championship]] ...lished amateurs, especially José Alfredo who always was involved in local tournaments and won several, one of them on July of [[1962]] defeating none other than
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  • ...estructores tag team (Tony Arce & Vulcano) over the [[Mexican National Tag Championship|National Tag Team straps]] that they finally captured on [[December 4]], [[ ...AAA]] had a tribute to him before a [[Heavy Metal]] vs. [[Hijo del Santo]] championship match.
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  • Team Titles]] (w/ [[Black Terry]]), [[UWA World Welterweight Title]], [[UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title]], [[CMLL World Middleweight Title]], than a decade. Panther made his [[Toreo de Cuatro Caminos]] (the main [[UWA]] building) debut on [[March 18]]. He started out his career as a técnico
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  • Rey de Reyes is an annual AAA tournament. The winner has received a championship crown at times. Rarely, they defend the crown, but mostly it's just a troph ...ended his Rey de Reyes crown versus Cibernetico's [[AAA Camepon de Camepon Championship]], and lost. Cibernetico won the physical crown, but it's unclear if he bec
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  • ...elayed the need for a CMLL version, and the AAA split probably spurred the championship to be created. A 16 team tournament was held over a month of CMLL & UWA shows:
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  • * [[Hector Garza]] ([[Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship]]) * [[Espectro Jr.]] ([[Mexican National Middleweight Championship]])
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  • ...duled a 16 women cibernetico to determine their first [[CMLL World Women's Championship|female world champion]]. The two finalists would advance to the final, to b ...eir women's division. [[Zuleyma]] was the [[UWA World Women's Championship|UWA World Women's Champion]] going into the match, and continued to be listed a
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  • ...rinkle. All current champions in the tournament would have to defend their championship during the tournament, in order to create one unified champion. * [[Cibernetico]] held the [[IWC World Heavyweight Championship]]
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  • Team Championship]], spiritually successors to the [[UWA World Tag Team Championship]]. All matches took place at [[Arena Lopez Mateos]]. Both AAA and CMLL luch [[Category:Tournaments]]
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  • ...jumped to [[AAA]] in May 1992, closing the door to returning to el Toreo. UWA stripped Aguayo of the title and promised a title tournament for many month [[Category:Tournaments]]
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  • ...against [[Kato Kung Lee]] on [[January 27]], [[1984]]. This is unusual for UWA, who allowed many title defenses and Signo himself was wrestling in the pro [[Category:Tournaments]]
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  • The beginnings of the UWA World Lightweight Championship is unclear. The championship has traditionally been listed as being decided by [[Matematico]] defeating
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  • The [[UWA World Welterweight Championship]] was vacant for unknown reasons in 1982. A tournament was held on May 1982 [[Category:Tournaments]]
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  • ...heir own welterweight championship, as part of creating the concept of UWA championship. Mano Negra and his father [[El Rebelde]] were scheduled to be involved in the championship tournament and Mano Negra would've been a favorite to win. Both men were li
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  • ...night tournament in order to fill the [[UWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Championship]]. Local wrestler [[Operativo 209]] defeated [[Texano Jr.]] to win the titl [[Category:Tournaments]]
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