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Name Soñador
Real name
Name history Soñador (debut-)
Family Pequeño Tony (father), Soñadora (wife)
Maestro(s) Pequeño Tony
Birth date, location Oaxaca
Obituary date
Debut, location August 19, 2013
Lost mask to
Height 164 cm
Weight 73 kg
Signature moves Spanish Fly


Began his dream in this sport because of the admiration for his father El Pequeño Tony. He was trained by his father since he was a child, but his Pequeño Tony did not allow him to wrestle professionally until 2013. He did not only had his father as a trainer, he also had learned from all the fellow luchadores. He made is debut on August 19, 2013.

He chose the name of Soñador (Dreamer) because he likes to live of his dreams and reach them. Known for being a high flying tecnico. They like to wrestle in events on the barrios where are free admission and many people gather. He presents regularly at Arena Mastin III.