Ruleta de la Muerte, 1999

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Similar to the 1998 version of the tournament, the 1999 edition was held on July 18th at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City. As the previous year, the losers of each match advanced, with the losers in the finals facing each other in a mask vs. mask match. A battle royal was held earlier on the show to determine the pairings.

Shocker & Rey Bucanero------------
                                  |Shocker & Bucanero---
El Hijo del Santo & Villano III---                      |
                                                        |Shocker & Bucanero--
Mr. Niebla & Tinieblas Jr.--------                      |                    |
                                  |Parka & Fishman------                     |
La Parka & Fishman----------------                                           |
                                                                             |Shocker & Bucanero
Fuerza Guerrera & Tinieblas Sr.---                                           |
                                  |Atlantis & Violencia-                     |
Atlantis & Violencia--------------                      |                    |
                                                        |Olimpico & Panther-- 
Mascara Sagrada & Ultimo Guerrero-                      |
                                  |Olimpico & Panther--- 
Olimpico & Blue Panther----------- 

In the finale, Shocker beat Bucanero to take his mask.