Rey Neptuno

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Rey Neptuno
Rey Neptuno
Name Rey Neptuno
Real name José Luis Bocanegra
Name history Silver Fox, Luthor, Rey Neptuno, Rió Bravo
Family Jose Cruz, Jose Guadalupe (brothers), Super Niño (son)
Maestro(s) Octavio Gaona, Sordo Flores
Birth date, location June, 1943
Obituary date June 22, 2017
Debut, location 1960s - Arena KO al Gusto
Lost mask to
Signature moves Neptuna Special


Most of his career was working at Pavillón Azteca during 1980s. He was upper midcard and main eventer at Pavillón Azteca. His long career ended in 1986 due to an injury. He was trainer of luchadors such as Super Niño, Al Rojo Vivo, MS-1, El Símbolo, Marduk and more. He had a longtime feud with el Mercenario. Even if he could not reach a championship belt, he is remembered for his superb wrestling technique and good quality matches.

In a biographical report for Lucha Libre de Ayer, Hoy y Siempre he said:

"Mi mayor  satisfacción de haber sido un elemento que lucho contra 3 generaciones de grandes estrellas luchisticas,desde Cavernario Galindo,Dientes Hernadez,Blue Demon,Sugi Sito pasando por Dos Caras,Mil Mascaras,Solitario,Anibal,Villano III ,hasta MS1,Los Panteras,Super Muñeco,Rokambole,muchas ,muchas grandes satisfacciones"

"My biggest satisfaction was wrestling against 3 generations of great wrestling stars from Cavernario Galindo, Dientes Hernandez, Blue Demon, Sugi Sito then Dos Caras, Mil Mascaras, Solitario, Anibal, Villano III; until MS-1, Pantera I, Pantera II, Super Muñeco, Rokambole and many more big satisfactions."

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Rey Neptuno Nair Kaliff ??/??/?? - ??/??/??


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