Republica Deportiva Tournament, 2014

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Title belt awarded to champion.

Tournament held in 2014 by Univision Deportes in order to crown their first champion. A weekly wrestling program, it aired on Sundays during the Republica Deportiva sports show. Tournament final match faced Águila Solitaria Jr. and Sangre Imperial.


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Rey Vikingo [1]    
 Sangre Imperial W  
   Sangre Imperial W  
 Radar W
   Tony Rivera Jr.    
      Sangre Imperial  
   Águila Solitaria Jr.  
   Águila Solitaria Jr. W  
 Jaque Mate Jr. [2]  
   Águila Solitaria Jr. W
   Águila Solitaria    
 Águila Solitaria W
   Tsunami [3]    


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