Real Fuerza Aérea AAA

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Current Members

Stable formed in AAA during early 2006. They're patterned after Los Cadetes Del Espacio - a group of young high flying tecnicos. The members are:

Former Members

Their 'padrino'(i.e. mentor) is Oriental. For a time, pretty much any young debuting high flier in AAA ended up in the group, especially on non-television events.

This obviously leaves more people than you can have a match, so guys (Nemesis) have ended up in openers instead, or others (Rey Cometa) disappear for stretches on TV. The numbers work in AAA's favor for spot shows, as there can be two different yet complete Fuerza Aerea trios working different parts of the country on the same night.

Laredo Kid has been positioned as the star of the group. Super Fly was pushed as the second star of the group. When Laredo was hurt in 2008, Super Fly ended up getting the big push (or at least was intended to get the big push) and Aerostar was pushed as the best high flyer of the group.

Rey Cometa and Pegasso left AAA in early summer of 2008, due to lack of work. Their departure couple with Laredo's injury and Nemesis's vanishing led to Angel being declared an official member. Fellow opening card tecnicos Gato Eveready and Argenis are also linked to this group at times, but doesn't seem to be official members.

Independent/CMLL Version

After leaving AAA, Rey Cometa & Pegasso continued to team in the independent scene. Pegasso often used 'Pegasso Xtreme' as his name during this period, presumably over confusion over who owned the 'Pegasso' name. Cometa and Pegasso were still promoted as Real Fuerza Aerea despite no long being in AAA and teamed with various wrestlers to complete a trio. AAA appeared to let this go without fighting over the name (perhaps because they dropped 'AAA' from it.)

Their most high profile run during this period was in IWRG, teaming with Freelance as the third member. The trio earned a shot at Los Oficiales' Distrito Federal Trios Championship, but came up short.

Later in 2008, Cometa and Pegasso signed with CMLL full time. Initially, the pair did interviews suggesting they might continue teaming as Real Fuerza Aerea CMLL. This time members of Real Fuerza Aerea AAA protested and Rey Cometa and Pegasso dropped it.