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Revolución Lucha Libre (RLL)

Old logo used by the promotion from 2010 to 2015.

is a Chilean lucha libre promotion founded in 2004. RLL is known as the primary seedbed of talent in Chile due imports wrestlers around the country. The RLL Wrestling Academy is the major wrestling school of country. Every year a lot of young guys come to their academy to begin in the world of lucha libre. Much of these wrestlers remain in RLL when are ready to wrestle, some others jump to another promotion.

Through the years, RLL has carried international wrestlers to Chile like the Americans Colt Cabana and Kishi, the Peruvian Caoz and the Mexican Ultimo Chingon. Currently their RLL Absoluto Championship is defended in USA due the holder Colt Cabana pulled thetitle out of Chile. However, the GLL Hatun Auqui Latin American Championship of GeneraXión Lucha Libre of Peru remains in the promotion since 2012.

Survival Battle winners

The Survival Battle is an annual 30-Man Battle Royal held by Revolucion Lucha Libre. The winner of the match gets a shot for GDT National Championship. The Survival Battle occurs in the event RLL Supervivencia.

Year Wrestler Date
2006 Toro October 22, 2006
2007 Castigador November 4, 2007
2008 Not held
2010 Funky Schop June 18, 2013
2011 Not had winner September 25, 2011
2012 Montoya September 2, 2012
2013 Coyote September 8, 2013

Current champions

V Revolucion Lucha Libre Championships E
Absoluto (Choro Johans), Regional (Inaktiv)
National (Máximo), Tag (Coyote & Montoya), Women's (Mirash)

Current roster

V Revolución Lucha Libre Roster E
Alex MurdockBlack Cambodian WarriorBilly JoeChoro JohansCody DanceColossusCoyote
DanteDragón VoladorEdgardoEngranaje JackEugenioFunky SchopGallo DoradoImpacto
InsanoKerchakLa Bestia FenoutMachoMáximo AurelioMercenarioMontoya
OwenPandásticoPrima ZomerRazoRonny LittleStrikeTifannyTonny LittleTornado Kid

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