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Name Quantum
Real name Jesus Hernandez III
Nicknames "The Sensational 13 Year Old" (SAGA 2006), "Peanut" (nicknamed by father]
Name history Super Hijito, Mini Silver Tiger, Quantum
Family Jesus Hernandez(father)
Maestro(s) Jesus Hernandez
Birth date, location 1992 - Juarez, Mexico
Obituary date
Debut, location 1995
Lost mask to
Height 5'10
Weight 190 lbs
Signature moves
Titles: RMCW Inner Regional, IWF Lucha Libre (2x)


Quantum started training at the age of 2 years old, and he debuted in Colorado as a known character in a PWA show for Eddie Guerrero. He soon started working for Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling. In RMCW he soon made his way to SAGA Underground Wrestling. Facing guys like Rokambo then known as Mascara Honrada, as well as Rob Ryzin, Epic, and Joshua Michael. He also works for the IWF Promotions. He has wrestled many wrestlers there like Prodigee, his father Convict Chicana Confussion, as well as many others. He also worked for Primos Hardcore and Wrestling. In RMCW he captured the RMCW Inner regional Championship. Quantum defeated Hurricancito Ramirez Jr to become the second IWF Lucha Libre Champion. He held the title nearly a year before losing it to Vagabundo. He started a feud with Vagabundo and he soon won the championship back in September of 2009. He also has teamed with Joshua Michael, Delta Jr. He has also competed in Mexico on a 13 day tour with WPW. Quantum was featured in the Denver based Westword Newspaper talking about his career in lucha libre and wrestling. He was also on 9News featuring the same subject which gained him even more exposure. He has also worked alongside and against various notable opponents. Such as Super Porky, Felino, Bobby Lashley, and Dr. Wagner Jr.. However he has since started appearing in California.



IWF Lucha Libre Champion
RMCW Inner Regional Champion
Quantum on the cover of Westword
Fuerza Chicana, Chicana Confussion, Vagabundo, and Quantum


Vagabundo and Quantum
Quantum as RMCW Inner Regional Champion
Quantum as Super Hijito
Quantum with Super Parka