Psicosis (disambiguation)

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Psicosis is a character created by Antonio Pena for his AAA promotion. Even after Pena's passing, AAA has considered the gimmick one of AAA's trademark creations, and has continued the character with a few different wrestlers.

The wrestlers to use the name Psicosis, in order of their usage:

  • Nicho el Millionario (06/92 - 98, infrequent after that) - the Psicosis who feuded with Rey Misterio Jr. in Mexico, and went on to appearances in ECW, WCW and WWE. Though he actually spent less time under the name than the one who followed him, Nicho is the wrestler most think of when the name Psicosis is mentioned, especially outside of Mexico. Though he's mostly wrestled as Nicho el Millionario since returning to Mexico in 2000 (with the exception of his WWE stint), he's often promoted under the Psicosis name in shows outside of Mexico. Nicho is the only one of the Psicosis to have lost his mask in a mask match, and now works as an unmasked wrestler.
  • Psicosis II (1997 - 04/2009, current on the indies) - previously known as Leon Negro, he took over the character when Nicho left AAA for Promo Azteca. A long running member of AAA, he left the promotion in spring of 2009. Currently is using the name and look on the independent scene, with minor variations in spelling to deflect a lawsuit.
  • Histeria II (2005) - when Nicho returned to AAA in 2005, he and Psicosis II battled over the name. The rights to the name were put in a briefacse, and on a pole for a match. Psicosis II's (then) ex-partner Histeria interfered, and took the briefcase for himself. Histeria feuded with Psicosis II for a short time, with both wrestlers dressing as Psicosis, before giving the rights to Antonio Pena and declaring Pena the true owner of the gimmick.
  • Psicosis III - recently debuted version of the character, at least in part to keep the character alive in AAA while legally battling the previous wrestler in the role. Believed to be the former Toxico (DF).