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wrestler Toro Blanco also used the name Poder Mexica in the early 2000s, after his tecnico turn on Pierroth

Poder Mexica is a rudo stable in CMLL that formed in 2008 after Sangre Azteca left Guerreros de la Atlantida due to lack of being used as a partner for trios matches, the Ola Lagunera angle seemingly finished leaving Black Warrior in limbo and Dragon Rojo Jr. impressed Sangre Azteca in a Mexican National Welterweight Championship match that went to a draw.

The group has had mixed success around the country, but a winning streak in Arena Mexico earned them a shot at the Mexican National Trios Championships, and the trio won the titles in their first shot. The trio was an ongoing unit thru the summer, showcasing great teamwork and charisma. Despite CMLL's seemingly disinterest in keeping set trios together, Warrior, Dragon and Azteca teamed a lot over a few months, most often at Arena Puebla.

In late summer 2009, Black Warrior seemed to break from the group to resume his solo career, via a long running feud with Yujiro. The rest of Poder Mexica went their own way, officially adding Misterioso II as a new member in fall of 2009. The Mexican National Trios championship remained unclear for a time.

At the end of the year, a tournament for new champions was held, with the new Poder Mexica making it to the final but losing in the end. Poder Mexica received multiple rematches but failed in each one despite being an entertaining trio.

The new combination last about a year. An October 2010 CMLL press release announced Dragon Rojo had left this group and joined Guerreros del Atlantida. A subsequent interview on CMLL on Cadena3 suggested Misterioso II was forming a trio with Terrible & Texano Jr., but it's unclear if that'll be ongoing. Sangre Azteca has not said anything about these developments and the future of his group is completely unknown.

Former members

Poder Mexica
Sangre Azteca
Former: Black Warrior - Dragon Rojo Jr. - Misterioso II