Piel Canela

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Piel Canela
Piel Canela
Name Piel Canela
Real name ???
Name history Piel Canela (Sometimes billed as Piel Canela Jr.)
Family Piel Canela (mother), Ministro de la Muerte I (father), Ministro de la Muerte II, Ministro de la Muerte III (Uncles), Ministro II Jr. (Cousin), Drako (Husband)
Maestro(s) Moro III, Brillante, Pentagoncito, Diabólico I, Araña del Futuro, Franco Colombo
Birth date, location October 4, 1992 - Torreón, Coahuila
Obituary date
Debut, location October 6, 2007 - Arena Los Cachorros, Lerdo, Durango
Lost mask to
Height 175 cm
Signature moves Package Piledriver
Titles: CFLL Women's Championship, UWF World Women's Championship


Coahuila based luchadora. Her interest in lucha libre began since she was a child; she had been involved in this sport in all of her life. She trained for three years in order to become professional. She began as tecnica, but she turned into ruda.

She had wrestled in Arena Coliseo Papá Milo in Nuevo Laredo, Arena San Juan Pantitlán in Mexico State, Arena Jose Suleiman in Monterrey, Arena Olímpico Laguna in Gomez Palacio Durango, among many others.