Payasos del Mal

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Payasos del Mal consist of:

Payasos del Mal were a group of rudo clowns that were briefly featured in AAA in 2007. The group didn't last long, they would be replaced by the Psycho Circus. Payasos del Mal would reappear in IWRG feuding with the current Los Payasos Tricolor. Those two teams have taken the Payasos feud around the central and southern Mexico, including the first Payasos Only Hardcore match. More and more the Payasos del Mal have fought another Payasos trio, formed by Coco Loco, Coco Pelos and Coco Tigre, on an elimination mask match. The Payasos del Mal easily saved their masks forcing their opponents to fight between themselves, with Coco Pelos finally losing the incognita.

While never definitively proven, these Payasos are strongly suspected to be members of Los Porros. It's unclear which Porro is which clown. As if to disprove this specific entry wrong, these Payasos del Mal started feuding with Los Porros on indy shows in late 2009. Not all the Porros are in the match, so the remaining could be under the masks, or they could've handed them off to others.


in AAA