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Padrisimo was a one time only CMLL and AAA combined show held in Plaza Mexico on June 17, 2000. The idea of a AAA/CMLL show had been suggested for many years, but one or the other side would always reject the concept. Televisa pressured the promotions to work together for one show. The event, timed to be a father's day special included musical performances.

The show did not feature AAA versus CMLL matches, but tecnicos of both groups versus rudos of both groups. The tecnicos won every match. CMLL and AAA luchadors had separate locker rooms.


# Winner Loser Stipulation Notes
1 Emilio Charles Jr., Mr. Niebla, Olímpico El Cobarde, Sangre Chicana, Texano
2 Héctor Garza, Latin Lover, Tarzan Boy Rey Bucanero, Satánico, Último Guerrero [1]
3 Felino, Heavy Metal, Negro Casas Bestia Salvaje, Electroshock, Pirata Morgan
4 Brazo de Plata, La Parka Jr., Octagón, Rayo de Jalisco Jr. Abismo Negro, Cibernético, Pierroth Jr., Shocker
  1. the original card had Perro Aguayo Jr. in this match instead of Latin Lover

AAA & CMLL luchadors brawled to end the show.

Other Notes

Attendance for the show was said 25000

One Time Only

The two promotions have never officially worked together on a show since this one. AAA has repeatedly reached out to CMLL with ideas for cross promotion, and CMLL has mostly ignored them.

Televisa again exerted it's pressure to hold an AAA/CMLL match on a telethon in the late 2000s, which ended in a draw. There are rare instances of CMLL and AAA having matches on indy shows - usually fringe members of either roster - but CMLL wrestlers are usually forbidden from working any show with AAA wrestlers on them.

Video of the Show