Francisco Lutteroth

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Paco Alonso
Paco Alonso
Name Paco Alonso
Real name Francisco Alonso Lutteroth
Name history
Family Salvador Lutteroth (grandfather),Sofía Alonso (Daughter),Salvador Lutteroth Jr. (uncle), Miss Janeth & Zuleyma (neices)
Birth date, location September 19, 1954- Guadalajara, Jalisco
Obituary date
Debut, location
Lost mask to
Signature moves
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member

Paco Alonso is the current owner of CMLL, and a descdent of Salvador Lutteroth. Alonso has a reputation of something of a hands-off boss (at best) or mostly disinterested (at worst.) Alonso can be a stubborn man - Octagon, Konnan and Antonio Pena were banned forever after forming AAA and have never been forgiven - and mostly seems interested in keeping CMLL's business going the same as it has for 80 years, with little change.


standing next to Antonio Peña at the press conference to announce Padrisimo