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Based off of the classic CMLL stable Los Laguneros, Ola Lgunera was created in 2008 after Blue Panther lost his his mask to Villano V and was ganged up on by the rest of the family, Ultimo Guerrero, Ephesto and Dragon Rojo Jr. seemed to form the Laguneros back, sometimes calling it Ola Lagunera. Other wrestlers from the area, like Black Warrior, Sombra, Misterioso II and Stuka Jr. were part of the group.

Dr. Wagner Jr. teased joining the group, then almost immediately bad mouthed the concept. Ephesto's membership didn't last long, as he decided to turn on his teammates and rejoin his La Triada del Terror partners Averno and Mephisto.

This variation of Los Laguneros seem to be in a war with the Villanos and Perros del Mal but when the Villanos feud failed and the Perros departing CMLL in the fall of 2008, the stable was slowly phased out allowing Ultimo Guerrero to re-focus on his Los Guerreros stable and allowed Black Warrior and Dragon Rojo Jr. to form Sangre Azteca's Poder Mexica stable.

The feud would pick back up in 2009 when Los Villanos returned to CMLL, leading Guerrero, Panther and Warrior to team as Ola Lagunera again. Once Ultimo Guerrero was able to avenge Blue Panther by winning Villano V's mask, the group disappeared again.


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