Occidente Welterweight Tournament, 2013

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The Occidente Welterweight Championship was inactive for 2012. Champion Metal Blanco changed his identity to Triton in late 2011. For a time, he was presented as a new character, but CMLL eventually acknowledged his former character and continue to refer to him as champion. Triton, who had won the belt when he was still wrestling exclusively in Guadalajara but was now a Mexico City based wrestler, made no defenses of the championship after changing his name.

The exact same hold up was also taking place with the Palacio Negro/Titan and the Occidente Middleweight Championship. The Guadalajara promoters vacated and re-filled that championship late 2012, and a tournament for the Welterweight title took place a few months later.

The tournament took place over three weeks. The first two weeks were eight luchaor ciberneticos, with the winners facing off on the third week. All matches took place in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara.

January 20th cibernetico

# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 El Tapatio Acertijo
2 Indigo Azteca de Oro
3 Acertijo Leo
4 Relampago Azul Black Metal
5 Azteca de Oro Thunder Boy
6 Thunder Boy Leo
7 Black Metal Leo
Leo won the cibernetico

January 27th cibernetico

Order of eliminations are unknown.

# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Brillante
2 El Divino
3 El Piraña
4 Javier Cruz Jr.
5 El Hippie
6 Virgo
7 Sky Kid Sadico
Sadico won the cibernetico

Sadico used a martinete variation to beat Sky Kid for the win.

February 3rd final

Leo beat Sadico to win the championship.