Occidente Middleweight Tournament, 2012

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Palacio Negro was the reigning (and active) Occidente Middleweight Champion in November 2011, when he was reintroduced as Titán (CMLL). CMLL press in Mexico City billed him as a completely new luchador, which put his championship reign as Palacio Negro in limbo. The television announcers for Arena Coliseo Guadalajara matches, where the championship is defended, always acknowledged Titan was the former Palacio Negro. The storyline setting up the change was abandoned within a couple weeks and the Mexico City announcers eventually started to also acknowledge both the previous identity. They also acknowledged the Middleweight championship reign, treating it as active and ongoing.

However, in August of 2012, a tournament was announced to fill the championship. As usual with CMLL, there was no explanation, but it's presumed the title has been retroactively vacated when Palacio Negro became Titan.

The tournament for the vacant Occidente Middleweight Championship will start on August 14 in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. It will involve two ciberneticos of eight wrestlers, with the winners facing off in the third week.

August 14 Block

August 21 Block

August 28 final