Occidente Middleweight Tournament, 1972

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An eight person tournament which took place over three weeks. All matches took place at Arena Coliseo Guadalajara. The winner and first round match up are not known.

Martin Escobedo, El Vengador, Pantera Azul, and Gemelo Diablo II were eliminated in the first round.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Jose Escobedo     January 21, 1975
   Jose Escobedo  
January 14, 1975
   Gemelo Diablo I W  
 Gemelo Diablo I
January 28, 1975      Gemelo Diablo I
   El Faraon
   El Faraon  
   El Faraon W
January 14, 1975
   Indio Jeronimo  
 Indio Jeronimo
        January 21, 1975