NWA World Welterweight Tournament, 1995

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The NWA World Welterweight Championship was vacant and inactive for three years after champion Misterioso jumped to AAA as part of it's split with CMLL. In 1995, the championship was brought back. A 16 wrestler tournament was held in Arena Mexico over three weeks, begining on 1995.11.17 and ending on 1995.12.01.

El Hijo del Santo---
Astro Rey Jr.-------          |
Atlantico-----------          |         |
                    |Arkangel-          |
Arkangel------------                    |
Rey Bucanero--------                    |         |
                    |Oro II---          |         |
Oro II--------------          |         |         |
                              |Felino---          |
Onita Jr.-----------          |                   |
                    |Felino---                    |
Felino--------------                              |El Hijo del Santo
Pantera-------------                              |
                    |Pantera--                    |
Olimpico------------          |                   |
                              |Pantera--          |
Yoshihiro Tajiri----          |         |         |
                    |Lagarde--          |         |
Karloff Lagarde Jr.-                    |         |
Mascara Magica------                    |
                    |Magica---          |
Angel Azteca--------          |         |
Guerrero Maya-------          |
Negro Casas---------

Santo soon lost the championship to Negro Casas in a rematch of the final, and Negro in turn soon lost it as part of the J-Crown tournament; it seems probably that the belt was brought back for the specific purpose of being one of the eight belts in the J-Crown tournament, given the timing.

Source: PWH