NWA World Middleweight Tournament, 1999

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The NWA World Middleweight Championship had been the property of Ultimo Dragon since he won it from Corazon de Leon in 1994, but a botched arm operation in 1998 forced Dragon to (temporarily) retire from wrestling and relinquish the title.

A tournament, planned to include six men, took place on Feburary 7th, 1999 in Yokohama Culture Gym, Yokohama, Japan, as part of a Toryumon show.

Magnum Tokyo-----
                 |Magnum Tokyo-----
Sumo Fuji--------                  |
                                   |Great Sasuke
Great Sasuke-----                  |  (79th)
                 |Great Sasuke-----
Gran Naniwa------

Shiima Nobunga---              
                 |Shiima Nobunga---
Sasuke the Great-   (injured) 

Shiima Nobunaga was unable to continue in the tournament after the first round match due to injury, so the final was a one on one match. Sasuke would hold onto to the title until Ultimo Dragon returned to the ring to challenge him.