NWA World Light Heavyweight Tournament, 1967

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After years of Gori Guerrero holding the NWA Light Heavyweight Championship but refusing to return to EMLL, the NWA allowed EMLL to hold a tournament to determine a new champion in 1967.

EMLL held an apparent 16 person tournament in Arena Mexico. The tournament ran on Fridays from July 7th to August 4th. Full results are unknown

July 7th group

Tournament Bracket

Some matches guessed based on partial data. Full bracket unknown.

July 7
July 14
  July 21   July 28   August 4
 Dory Dixon    
         Dory Dixon    
 Angel Exterminador      Angel Exterminador      
           Dory Dixon    
 Mil Mascaras          Angel Blanco    
 Dr. Wagner        Mil Mascaras  
 Angel Blanco      Angel Blanco        
           Dory Dixon  
 Ray Mendoza          Ray Mendoza  
 Espanto II        Ray Mendoza    
 El Nazi      El Nazi    
           Ray Mendoza  
 Black Shadow          Black Shadow    
 Bobby Nichols        Black Shadow  
 El Solitario      El Solitario