Mr. Niebla (disambugation)

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The most famous Mr. Niebla is the one who's a current member of CMLL. Other Mr. Niebla's include

  • The first known Mr. Niebla was Guadalupe Tovar Hernandez, who later promoted Arena San Martin.
  • A second northern Mr. Niebla, who also wrestled as Coliseo 2000 but is not the current Coliseo 2000
  • IWRG had it's own Mr. Niebla during a period where the ownership of the identity was in doubt. When it was settled in CMLL's favor, they brought in IWRG Mr. Niebla to face CMLL Mr. Niebla for the name and the mask. CMLL's Mr. Niebla won, and IWRG's became Mr. Mexico