Morelos Middleweight Championship

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Current Champion

Raksas is the current champion.

History of Championship

Two other matches are known, but it's unclear who was champion at that time.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
championship status unclear
- Cachorro (Morelos) ? ? ?
-[1] Electro (Morelos) 2010.10.16 Ayudantía Municipal de la Colonia Morelos, Cuernavaca, Morelos
-[2] Electro (Morelos) Cachorro (Morelos) 2011.03.20 Cancha de Usos Múltiples, Col. Tlaltenango, Cuernavaca, Morelos
-[3] Cachorro (Morelos) Electro (Morelos) 2011.04.17 Tlaltenango, Zacatecas
-[4] Electro (Morelos) Cachorro (Morelos) 2011.07.20 ?
-[5] Cachorro (Morelos) 2013.12.15 Bar el Solar
Electro vacates the championship on 2015.01.18 to compete in for the Morelos Light Heavyweight Championship
Alas de Plata & Raksas are final two of elimination match on 2015.02.22; Black Hangman I, Fénix (Morelos), Fuego Dorado, Hechicero (Morelos), Veritgo, Voltaje eliminated
-[6] Raksas Alas de Plata (Morelos) 2015.03.08 Bar el Solar
-[7] Alas de Plata (Morelos) 2015.04.12 Bar el Solar
- Alas de Plata (Morelos) 2016.07.03 Bar el Solar
-[8] Alas de Plata (Morelos) Raksas 2017.02.19 Centro de Espectáculos La Revuelta, Cuernavaca, Morelos
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


  1. Estrellas del Ring
  2. Estrellas del Ring
  3. ANLL mentions Electro as champion in July of this year and this is the only known title match before it, so it may be the change back to Cachorro
  4. ANLL ; probably Cuernavaca
  5. ANLL - a draw
  6. Estrellas del Ring; Raksas wins via DQ
  7. Estrellas del Ring
  8. [1]

Gallery of Champions

Cachorro, Former Champion