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Ke Monito
Ke Monito
Name Ke Monito
Real name Jesús Juárez Rosales
Nicknames (as Alushe) Alushe "de Pelushe" (Alushe, the one made of felt), El Duende Maya (The Mayan Goblin)
Name history Alushe (debut - 2005), Ke Monito (2005 - )(various spelling variations as Quemonito, Ke-Monito, etc.)
Family Micro Man (son)
Birth date, location July 3, 1967
Obituary date
Debut, location 1988
Lost mask to
Height 2'7"/80 cms
Weight 99 lbs/45 kg
Signature moves Second rope butt-drop, Apron Planchita (well, sort of)
Titles: None


In 2023 Kemonito quit CMLL; there is likely to be a battle over trademark rights as Kemonito wants to continue in the role outside of the company. CMLL took the unusual step of revealing his full name in a press release.

as Alushe

Alushe, this ewok-like creature who has the appearance of a... a something with legs, first appeared on the lucha scene in 1988 as a mini-mascot for Tinieblas, who was looking to relaunch his career. Alushe was an instant hit and he became a popular character who thrilled fans from young to old with his antics.

In reality, we know very little about Alushe. In the Tinieblas comics, they claim that Alushe was born in Ciudad Anahuac, located in Shibalba, which is some sort of planet located in another dimension. With all the dimensions there must be out there, he had to land EXACTLY here. Anyway, in his youth he wanted to be a warrior but he was rejected for being too short, and somehow, Tinieblas got stuck with the dwarf. They claim that he's got magical powers, which is something I can actually believe. You see guys like Dr. Wagner Jr., whose opponents have a lot of trouble to take them down. Even the quickest and smartest Mexican tecnicos like Mr. Niebla or Hijo del Santo, and the powerful Japanese titans like Jushin Liger always have a hard time with the Doc. However, Alushe just needs a few chops and kicks to put the big man down. How ELSE would you explain THIS?!?!?

Lucha insider Bob Barnett says that Alushe actually started out as a hairball in the tropical south of Mexico and with the moist weather, mold set in and he grew to his current size. He also explains that his unique walk is caused by constant constipation. Actually, that's a good theory, but it doesn't explain why Alushe always handles the rudos so easily. Because Alushe has CLEAN pinfall victories over all three Dinamita Brothers, all the Guapos, Dr. Wagner Jr., Satanico, Pirata Morgan, MS-1, Pierroth Jr., Gran Markus Jr., Blue Panther and an almost infinite list of rudos. Buzz around the lucha community says that even the mighty Mil Mascaras is jealous of our furry friend's win-loss record!

Alushe is small, but not EVERYTHING about him is THAT small! The guy's a stud. He's the proud father of two children, and his wife is none other than Konnan's former girlfriend! That's right folks, Konnan couldn't get the job done - but Alushe did. But I guess this doesn't say a lot about the poor woman.

Little Alushe also loves kids. Not in a Michael Jackson loves kids kinda way, though. Well, at least I think so... though you never know... and on CMLL TV we saw those "Alushe's birthday parties" full of kids, so... anyway, he also has shown us his most "human" side (whatever that means). Once, famous rudo Pierroth offered him a deal that nobody with more than three braincells (rumor says Alushe has four) could reject. Well, actually, Violencia (Pierroth's stable mate) kidnapped Alushe and Pierroth promised Tinieblas that he'd eat his mascot. Pierroth had already prepared the big soup bowl and was ready for the party, but he noticed that Alushe wouldn't taste too good with all that hair, and he didn't smell particulary well either, so in order to anger Tinieblas, he offered that great deal to Alushe: WOMEN, CANDY and MONEY, but he'd have to pay allegiance to Puerto Rico! Alushe accepted, but needless to say, he didn't last a lot as a Boricua. We all know about his sex-appeal, so getting women (or female Alushe's or whatever) isn't a problem, and he can get candy and money working with Tinieblas, since Alushe legitimally gets gets a paycheck as big as Tinieblas' when they perform in any arena or event. Cool, huh?

All in all, this is more than you needed to know about Alushe (as I'm sure that reading the "Alushe having two kids" part gave you a sick visual about Alushe at his best), but friendly advice would be to stay away from this little dude if you ever see him on the street, especially if your kids are there. Just in case...

Also is known for falling while running on the stage.

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1997/05/11 masks Tinieblas & Alushe White Killer & Baby Killer Gimnasio Josué Neri Santos - Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua
03/04/07 mask Alushe Pequeño Sadam Plaza Luis Longoria - Nuevo Laredo


as Alushe
w/ best friend Salomon Grundy
Monito, headstand kick
Monito, getting tossed
infamous Vampiro piledriver

Ultimo Guerrero v.s. Kemonito

Alushe Kidnapping Saga