Mexican National Trios Contenders Tournament, 2004

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A four team tournament featuring 12 of the 2004 Guapos U class, to give some more exposure to those involved (besides the eventual winner, strangely enough) and to provide challengers for the relatively new Mexican National Trios Champions.

First round matches were held in Arena Coliseo, once a week, and the final and the title match took place Arena Mexico.

Chris Stone, Brazo de Plata Jr., Tigre Metalico-
 Arena Coliseo 05/04                            |Stone/Plata/Tigre-----
Espiritu Maligno, Lobo Vikingo, Maximo----------                       |Texano Jr.
                                                 Arena Mexico 05/28    |Brazo de Oro Jr.
Lestat, Leono, Karisma--------------------------                       |Misterioso II
 Arena Coliseo 05/11                            |Texano/Oro/Misterioso-
Texano Jr., Brazo de Oro Jr., Misterioso II-----

The second generation trio would lose in the title match the following week, but get a couple more chances at spot shows during the year.