Mexican National Tag Team Tournament, 2020

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The Mexican National Tag Team Championship was most of the 2010s. AAA stopped using all of the national championships on television after establishing its own championships in the previous decade. Octagon quitting AAA in 2014 meant he and fellow champion La Parka could no longer team and the belts would be inactive. The Mexico City commission had vacated the belts in a similar situation in 1996 but took a hands-off approach to championships in this era. The championships did officially (though silently) become vacant after La Parka passed away in January 2020.

CMLL announced they'd be bringing the championship back to their promotion in February 2020. Misterioso & Volador were the last CMLL team to be champion, having taken the belts with them when they jumped to AAA in 1992. The Mexican National Tag Team Championship became the third set of men's two-man titles in CMLL, joining the CMLL World Tag Team Championship and the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Championship, which was vacant at that time. CMLL ran a standard three-week, sixteen-team tournament on consecutive Arena Mexico Friday night shows to determine a champion.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Disturbio & Virus W  
 Pegasso & Stigma      Disturbio & Virus  
 Hijo Villano III & Templario W    Hijo Villano III & Templario W     February 28
 Dulce Gardenia & Fuego        Hijo Villano III & Templario W  
 Ephesto & Luciferno W        Soberano Jr. & Titan  
 Black Panther & Blue Panther Jr.      Ephesto & Luciferno
 Misterioso Jr. & Sagrado    Soberano Jr. & Titan W      
 Soberano Jr. & Titan W        Hijo Villano III & Templario
 Rey Cometa & Star Jr. W        Atlantis Jr. & Flyer W
 Pólvora & Vangellys      Rey Cometa & Star Jr.  
 Atlantis Jr. & Flyer W    Atlantis Jr. & Flyer W   March 7
 Cancerbero & Raziel        Atlantis Jr. & Flyer W
 Felino & Tiger W        Felino & Tiger  
 Drone & Esfinge      Felino & Tiger W
 Rey Bucanero & Shocker W    Rey Bucanero & Shocker  
 Audaz & Fugaz