Mexican National Atomicos Titles Tournament, 1996

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In August 1996, the AAA promotion got clearence by the commision to create the first ever Mexican National Atomicos Champions. No official brackets were ever announced and to make things even more complicated - no official TEAMS were announced. However by piecing together old results, the following teams appeared to be entered:

Blue Demon Jr.---
                 |Angel Blanco Jr.--
Angel Blanco Jr.-                   |
                    08.03 @ Puebla  |Pieroth Jr.---
Super Muñeco-----                   |              |
                 |Pierroth Jr.------               |
Pierroth Jr.-----                        08.09     |Pierroth Jr.
                                           @       |Villano III
Antifaz----------                      Arena Neza  |Villano IV
                 |Damian 666--------               |Villano V
Damian 666-------                   |              |
                    08.04 @ MTY     |Damian 666---- 
Konnan-----------                   |
Heavy Metal------

An oddity that has yet to be figured out is on the day of the finals, the following matches also took place:

It is unclear if those matches were part of the tournament or not.