Mascara Sagrada (disambugation)

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Multiple wrestlers have wrestled under the name of Mascara Sagrada

  • the original, and the man with apparent legal ownership of the name is Máscara Sagrada. The Sagrada gimmick started in AAA and was created by Antonio Pena who battled over the name with him in court. While the case was being decided, Sagrada was forced to work as Mascara Sacra. After he won the legal battle, Sagrada appeared in CMLL for a while, but now is mostly an independent wrestler. He's the biggest of the Sagrada's, in fame and in size.
  • After the original left AAA, the promotion acted as usual, and put many new wrestlers under the old costume. There's probably quite a few who were under the mask for a short time, and the ones we know for sure are:
    • Cachorro Mendoza was officially the first guy to take on the Mascara Sagrada gimmick but he didn't last long.
    • the current Alebrije was AAA's Mascara Sagrada from 1997-1998, winning the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship in that time.
    • El Sanguinario has the distincion of once appearing as Mascara Sagrada and later appearing as Sagrada's evil duplicated, Máscara Maligna (the identity he held at the time of his death.)
    • Magico is noted to have appeared as a fake Sagrada
    • AAA's most recent Mascara Sagrada has had to stop using that name on television tapings, though he still appears with it on some non-TV events. Instead, he's often working as Triple A or Super AAA with a similiar outfit. He's also worked as Televisa Deportes and probably others.
  • Mascara Sagrada Jr. is no known blood relation to the other Sagrada's, but has worked in AAA a few times, sometimes under other names.

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