Mas Lucha Supreme Tournament

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The Mas Lucha Supreme Tournament was introduced by streaming lucha libre platform Más Lucha in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They held the male version on April 7, 2020 at an unnanounced location in Mexico City. The female version took place on July 18.

Summary Of Winners

Edition Genre Winner Runner-Up
2020 Male Ricky Marvin Demonio Infernal
Female Sexy Dulce Zeuxis



Male Version

First Round   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Hijo de Pirata Morgan W  
 Metaleón      Hijo de Pirata Morgan  
 Aramís W    Aramís W    
 Jitsu        Aramís  
 Hijo del Alebrije        Ricky Marvin W  
 Súper Nova W      Súper Nova
 Miedo Extremo    Ricky Marvin W      
 Ricky Marvin W        Ricky Marvin W
 Camuflaje        Demonio Infernal
 Hip Hop Man W      Hip Hop Man  
 Arez W    Arez W  
 Payaso Purasanta Jr.        Arez
 Corsario Negro Jr.        Demonio Infernal W  
 Fresero Jr. W      Fresero Jr.
  Cíclope    Demonio Infernal W  
 Demonio Infernal W  

Female Version

  First Round Quarterfinals Semifinals
   Baby Love    
 Sexy Dulce W  
   Sexy Dulce W  
 Lolita W
   Reina Dorada  
      Sexy Dulce W
   Diosa Quetzal  
 Zeuxis W  
   Zeuxis W
   Ayako Hamada  
 Ayako Hamada W
   Ludark Shaitan    

Gallery of Winners