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Maravilla Lopez
Maravilla Lopez
Name Maravilla Lopez
Real name Alberto Zavala Moreno
Name history Ostra Negra (1975 - 1979), Lindo Hermoso, Mantarraya, Chacal Maldito, Rams II (1979 - 1984), Kiseki, Maravilla Lopez (1984 - )
Family Halcon Dorado I, Halcon Dorado II (uncles), Halcon Dorado Jr. (cousin), Chicano Salvaje (brother)
Maestro(s) El Israelita, Ray Mendoza, Rafael Salamanca, Juan Alanis, Centella Roja
Birth date, location April 17, 1959 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location 1970 - San Juan Ixuatepec, Mexico State
Lost mask to Hombre Sin Miedo - October 8, 2007 - Cancha de Futbol Rap, Nuevo Laredo
Height 167 cm/5' 6"
Weight 87 kg/191 lb
Signature moves La Maravillosa
Titles: AWWA World Lightweight Championship, AWWA World Tag Team Championship (w/Flecha Veloz, Distrito Federal Championship Trios Championship (w/Triton Jr. & Master Boy), FILL World Middleweight Championship, AAA Northern Tag Team Championship (w/El Insolito)


Alberto Zavala Moreno better known as Maravilla Lopez was one of the most spectacular luchadores duing the golden age of El Pavillon Azteca. He was trained by El Israelita, then by Ray Mendoza, Rafael Salamanca, and Juan Alanis. He went under different identities, he started as La Ostra Negra (1975-1979), then he changed to Rams II (1979-1984), until he adopted the identity of Maravilla López since 1984. With Los Superlibres he won several championships. Maravilla López won the AWWA World Lightweight Championship defeating Voltio Negro. Then he won the AWWA World Tag Team Championship with Flecha Veloz against Perro Callejero & Ciriaco. Months later Maravilla Lopez won the AWWA World Welterweight Championship defeating Barba Negra.

Lucha de Apuesta Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1980/03/05 Mask Maravilla Lopez El Israelita Pavillon Azteca, Mexico DF
1984/05/03 Hair Maravilla Lopez El Chicano Salvaje Arena Cuatro Caminos, Nuevo Laredo
1985/10/02 Mask Maravilla Lopez El Filosofo Pavillon Azteca, Mexico DF
1985/30/08 Hair Maravilla Lopez Loco Valentino jr Pavillon Azteca, Mexico DF
1985/15/09 Hair Maravilla Lopez Perro Callejero Pavillon Azteca, Mexico DF
1986/25/06 Hair Maravilla Lopez El Ciriaco Pavillon Azteca, Mexico DF
1986/01/10 Hair Maravilla Lopez Gory Casanova Arena coliseo puebla, [Puebla]]
2001/03/11 mask Maravilla Lopez Triton Palenque Expomex, Nuevo Laredo
2005/03/27 mask Maravilla Lopez Imperius Arena Cuatro Caminos,Nuevo Laredo
2007/10/08 mask Hombre Sin Miedo Maravilla Lopez Cancha de Futbol Rap, Nuevo Laredo
2015/08/28 hair Maravilla Lopez drew Erika Sotelo, both lose Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
2014/07/04 hair Maravilla Lopez Marvick Arena Coliseo Papá Milo, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
2016/08/26 mask (1) Maravilla Lopez Amenaza del Norte II Arena Coliseo Papá Milo, Nuevo Laredo
2016/12/04 hair Sangre Chicana Maravilla Lopez Arena Coliseo Papá Milo, Nuevo Laredo
(1) Jaula de la Muerte along with Violento & Zebru Jr.


as Ostra Negra
as Lindo Hermoso
as Mantarraya
as Chacal Maldito
Ramss II 1979
as Kiseki

tricampeon 2009
Maravilla Lopez 1986
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as FILL World Middleweight Champion
as trainer
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M lopez 1.jpeg
M lopez.jpeg
taking Marvick's hair

as AWWA World Tag Team Champions (w/Flecha Veloz)
Maravilla lopez signature move.jpg
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